Online Safety

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We are dedicated to keeping Jagex products enjoyable, safe and secure. Over half of the staff at Jagex are dedicated solely to Customer Support.

This section provides an insight into the ways in which we monitor our communities and also explains how our players themselves can help keep the community safe.

We encourage all parents to read through this guide with their child to ensure that they understand, and take full advantage of, the tools we have in place.

Online Safety Tips

We offer advice for you and your child about staying safe online here.

In-Game Safety

We explain what we do to promote safety and help our players here.

Reporting a Problem

We explain our 'Report Abuse' button and how we deal with the reports here.

Community Safety

We introduce our dedicated safety team and the organisations we work with here.

Educating Our Players

We explain the in-game content and the resources that are dedicated to safety here.

The Internet Watch Foundation

We explain the important work of the Internet Watch Foundation, and why we support them, here.