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Web Designer

What did you do before joining Jagex?

I studied an honours degree in Product Design in Edinburgh. After leaving university I worked at a design agency in Edinburgh as a junior web developer for a few months, but after grafting hard managed to get promoted to work on higher end website design. I worked at the company for about a year before applying to Jagex.

How did you first hear about Jagex and the job opening?

I first heard about the job at Jagex through a recruitment website. The job looked great and I fell in love with Cambridge. Admittedly I was slightly worried about my lack of gaming knowledge, but I was ready for the challenge and willing to try out the odd game in the name of research.... I'm now the Puzzle Bobble champion (does this count as a game?)!

What's your current role at Jagex and how long have you been with the company?

My current role is as a Web Designer. Working in the Creative Services department often requires me to work on anything from websites to company branding and print design. I love the variety and the invaluable experience! I have been with Jagex for about 18 months.

What comprises a typical working day for you?

I begin my day by getting into the creative zone (a magical place where all my dreams come true) - this is normally fuelled by a single banana, a latte and Justin Bieber’s latest album. Being the creative hub for the company we are often working with various teams translating ideas and thoughts into something visually compelling. Being in the Creative Services department requires us to be cool at all times.

What do you like best about working for Jagex?

The people! Everyone is so friendly and there's a great social scene. The projects are great too, I can't really complain when I get to work on games all day long!

What is your favourite perk or benefit at Jagex?

There are so many great perks to working at Jagex. I love the free gym membership and the gym is just around the corner from the office so I have no excuses. The parties are always amazing.

What has been your favourite memory to date of working at Jagex?

There are so many great memories from working at Jagex. I remember taking part in the Dragon Boat Racing when I first joined, lacking in muscles I was probably more of a burden than anything else but I had a great day and everyone was so supportive.

What makes Jagex different?

Jagex is all about the fun, we live by the motto 'love what you do'. I've never worked in a job before where I get so excited about coming into work on a Monday morning.

Finally, what would be your one piece of advice for someone interested in your role?

Be passionate about all things design, be aware of the latest trends and continue to learn new skills - I often spend time at the weekend learning code and brushing up on Photoshop. The design industry is very competitive so gain as much experience as you can.