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Operations Manager

What did you do before joining Jagex?

Before I joined Jagex I worked as a project manager for a web design agency here in Cambridge. Prior to that, I worked for several years in digital publishing – again, mainly project management roles. I studied philosophy at university and mainly learnt that the only certainty is uncertainty, which was useful.

How did you first hear about Jagex and the job opening?

I had been aware of Jagex for some time and had a friend who worked here and said good things about the company. My friend encouraged me to apply for the role of Operations Manager. I was looking for a change, so I went for it. And here I am!

What's your current role at Jagex and how long have you been with the company?

I work as an Operations Manager within Web Development. I’ve been here for just under six months.

What comprises a typical working day for you?

I tend to start the day with a few daily scrums (we run most projects in Web Development using the Scrum methodology). The rest of the day usually consists of following up on any actions from the scrums, as well as arranging and attending meetings. A proportion of my day is also spent thinking and planning. And I like to ensure everyone knows what they are doing and are happy, so I spend a fair amount of time chatting to people in different teams about how they are getting on.

What do you like best about working for Jagex?

This one’s simple: the people. There are some very talented and interesting folk here. People you can learn cool stuff from.

What is your favourite perk or benefit at Jagex?

I’m a big fan of the free bicycle repair service. The canteen is pretty rocking too.

What has been your favourite memory to date of working at Jagex?

I would have to say the build up and launch of the new RuneScape website, which is totally badass. Check it out!

What makes Jagex different?

Hard to say this in a non-cheesy way, but it’s the passion and drive people here have, coupled with a keen sense of play. I have not experienced this fusion anywhere else I have worked.

Finally, what would be your one piece of advice for someone interested in your role?

Study philosophy at university :) But seriously, my role is all about project management, so I would recommend gaining as much experience as you can in this field. There are plenty of books to read and courses to attend, but experience is key. Just get stuck in! If you specifically want to get involved with web project management then try to get some experience in the web industry – lots of companies have internships and suchlike.