Membership Benefits

For a monthly fee, you can upgrade your child's account to become a member of your chosen Jagex product. Membership will unlock additional features and game content for your child, as well as the unlimited ability to post on our forums.

In some of our games, we now also offer the opportunity for players to purchase WoLCash, which can be redeemed for in-game items and services.


For RuneScape, members are given access to more areas of the RuneScape world map. This means that there are hundreds of new opportunities available to the player, including special members-only skills, items and extra minigames.

Some of the RuneScape members only items

Members can access 9 additional skills, allowing them to construct and decorate their own in-game house, use shortcuts to move more quickly around the landscape, make their own potions, and fight with a magical creature by their side, and more.

We have over 100 challenging quests that can be accessed by members, and lots of fun minigames. This equates to a huge amount of extra gameplay and impressive rewards.


Free players can access most game content, highscores tables and many Achievements, and those with 42 Achievements will be able to access the FunOrb forums. Members have access to the forums no matter how many Achievements they have, and they can also enjoy extra expansions for many of our games.

In addition to this, we offer dedicated game servers that can be entered only by those subscribing to FunOrb.


Subscribing to your chosen Jagex product is a straightforward process. Simply follow the relevant subscribe/update account links on our product homepages, log in and follow the step-by-step instructions.

If you'd like to subscribe to more than one Jagex product, take out your subscriptions at the same time to receive a discount.

Membership costs vary depending on your chosen method of payment and the country from which you are subscribing. See our subscription rates for RuneScape and FunOrb.

Find out more about subscribing to RuneScape or FunOrb.

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