Account Security

A closed chest

Just as it is important for players to be safe in our online environments, it is also important that they take measures to protect the security of their account.

This section provides parents with information on the systems we have and the measures we take to assist players with their account security. It also gives advice on how to resolve any problems that may occur with regards to security, such as how to request a new password and how to avoid potential security threats from other players.

Your Child's Account

We offer advice on what to do if your child loses their account password or has their account stolen, as well as on how to appeal an offence or a ban.

Real-World Trading and Macroing

We explain the negative consequences of buying or selling RuneScape gold or items for financial gain here, as well as details of the ramifications of using third-party software in order to increase an account's levels or wealth.

Account Security Tips

We offer advice on how to help your child protect their account here.