Account Security Tips

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Visiting third-party websites that have been made to look like they belong to Jagex can be dangerous to the security of both your child's account, and their computer.

At present, the only sites which we operate are:

In addition to this, we have affiliate agreements with a number of organisations. For a list of these organisations, see this page.

If you are still uncertain as to whether the website you are browsing is run by Jagex, you may wish to check the Extended Validation SSL certificates.

When logging in to our website features, such as the forums, Extended Validation SSL certificates will turn the address bar green in most browsers. Extended Validation involves a rigorous checking procedure so you can be sure that data is securely transferred and that the owner of the website is who they say they are.

Password Protection

Remember that your child should never enter their Jagex login details on any site other than those listed above. There are websites that intentionally look very similar to our official websites in order to steal passwords and account information, and this can be confusing. If there are any doubts, always ensure that your child checks the address in their browser before giving any information. One method of making sure of this is to add our websites to their computer's favourites list, so they can access it directly.

No Cheats for Our Games

Websites claiming to offer Jagex cheats or easy ways to get ahead in our games are not being truthful. There are no cheats at all within our games, and anyone who tries to convince your child otherwise is almost certainly trying to trick them.

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Third Party Software

Some sites offer computer programs which they claim can advance skills or make our games easier. These programs are often very dangerous, and can be designed to steal personal information once they are installed on your computer. Under no circumstances should these programs be used; not only is it against our rules - and can result in being banned from our games - but it's also dangerous.

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Occasionally, we will make content accessible to all players for a limited amount of time. This helps us to gather feedback on new content before we fully implement it. This is called a 'Beta-Test'. We never hold secret beta-tests for our players to get involved in. If there is a new game, we will always announce it our own site. Any website claiming to be RuneScape 3 – or any other Jagex game – is trying to steal your child's password!

Jagex will never recruit Player Moderators using a website. When we send invitations to players to become Player Moderators, we only use our messaging system. There will never be any emails, or advertisements for moderator positions in game. Websites claiming to be Player Moderator recruiting centres are designed to steal your child's account.

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Third Party Forums

Visiting forums other than our official forums can be a very positive experience. We are very keen that our players make friends in our games, and we understand that sometimes they may wish to discuss our game in their own forums. However, it's important to remember that forums associated with cheating or breaching the Rules of Conduct can be dangerous.

We recommend that your child reads our Scamming Prevention Guide to ensure that they know how to protect their account.

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