Chatting and staying safe online

Chatting in Jagex games

Our multiplayer games feature built-in chat and friends lists, to help you plan in-game strategies and meet new friends. Type to send messages to other players, or use our optional QuickChat system to send quick, pre-written messages.

(To use QuickChat, click the QuickChat icon by your name or press F10, then use the displayed key shortcuts. Press Backspace to move back a level, and Home to move to the top level. Press F9 to respond to the last message you received, and F11 to repeat the last message you sent. Press ESC to close the QuickChat menu.)

We welcome younger players aged 13 and over. If you're a parent, please read our Parents' Guide before allowing your child to play. In fact, it's sensible for all players, young and old, to take a few precautions when chatting on the internet - find out more about staying safe online at and

Managing friends, and blocking abusive players

To add a friend, right-click their name in the chat window, lobby player list or the game player list. You'll see when they're online and can click their name to send private messages. Green friends are playing on the same server as you, yellow friends are on a different server, and those in red are not on a multiplayer server. To remove a friend, right-click the player's name and select Remove friend. You can also use the Add friend and Remove friend buttons.

Your Ignore List allows you to block a player from seeing your chat or contacting you altogether. To add a player to your ignore list, right-click the player in your chat window. To remove a player from your ignore list, right-click the name of the player and select Remove name. You can also use the Add name and Remove name buttons.

Please use the Report Abuse button to report any player being abusive in chat, or breaking one of our rules.

Changing your player name

You can change your player name (known as a 'character name' in RuneScape) every 28 days. Your new player name can be up to 12 characters long, is case-sensitive, and can include letters, numbers, spaces, underscores and dashes. It must start and end with a letter or number, and it can't contain more than one punctuation character in a row.

Your username for logging in remains the same - that is, your email address if you registered after mid-November 2010, and your account name if you registered before.

Our Responsible Gaming Policy

We want you to enjoy our games responsibly - for (at most) a couple of hours at a time, with a ten-minute break each hour. We won't block you from being logged in longer, but please don't play for longer than is reasonable. It's unhealthy to spend long in front of a computer, so take frequent breaks - read, walk, meet friends - and do exercises and stretches to maintain a healthy body and mind.

Our games are meant to be a fun distraction. We have fun making them and we want you to have fun playing them, but we don't want them to get in the way of studies, work, relationships or things that really matter. If you're worried that your use of computer games is out of control, please see a doctor or someone you trust. Your health always comes first.

Also see our health and safety information.