Educating Our Players

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There are several systems and initiatives in place with which we can reach our entire user base.

This includes using our forums to pass on important information to our players. We have also designed specific game content to educate our players about online safety. We expect the users of our products to read and agree to abide by the Rules of Conduct. By agreeing to follow our rules, our players help to maintain a friendly and fair environment for everyone. Anyone that is found to be violating our rules will be informed of the rule that they have broken, presented with evidence of the offence where applicable, and encouraged to re-read the rules before playing again.


Our forums are used to educate, as well as entertain. Jagex Moderators have the ability to highlight any threads that they feel are particularly important, so that players can spot them easily. We also have special forums for our Player Moderators, where they can discuss reporting procedures and ideas on how to improve the community. The aim of the Player Moderator Forum is to help the PMods enhance and monitor the community through teamwork and by escalating any issues directly to Jagex.

In-Game Educational Content

The accessibility and regular updates of our games allow us to develop content with the specific aim of educating our players about online safety and account security. We create this content as a useful source of information for all players, no matter what their level of experience in the game. We also ensure that the content is enjoyable, as we acknowledge that education should never be boring. In addition to the in-game content, all of our game websites contain guides that help our players ensure they play our games in a safe and secure manner. These guides can be found here for RuneScape, and here for FunOrb.

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