Creating an Account

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Any account that your child creates can be used for RuneScape, FunOrb and War of Legends, so if your child already has a RuneScape account, they can use it to log in to FunOrb or War of Legends and start playing immediately. It's quick and straightforward to create a new account. Your child should follow these steps to get started:

Step 1

Input an email address, to be used whenever you log in to a Jagex product in the future. The email you select will remain as part of the login details for the Jagex account.

Step 2

Choose a suitable password for the account. It should be memorable, and hard to guess - a combination of both letters and numbers is best.

Step 3

Input your age.

Step 4

Read and accept our Privacy Policy.

Step 5

Read and accept our Terms and Conditions.

For RuneScape, the final step before beginning the game is creating a character. This involves selecting a gender, the style and colour of the basic clothing, and the hairstyle of the character. As soon as the player is happy with the character, they can enter the RuneScape tutorial, to learn the basics about playing the game and using the controls. Upon completion of the tutorial, the player is then free to roam the game world and begin their adventures.

To get started with RuneScape, go to the RuneScape website, then click on "Create a free account (New user)" to start making a character. To get started with FunOrb, go to the FunOrb website, click 'Play' for any game, then click 'Create a free account'.

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