Real-World Trading

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In order to progress in the game, players need to generate wealth. One way to do this might be to chop a tree and sell the logs for RuneScape gold (GP). Real-world trading (RWT) is the term we apply to the sale of RuneScape gold and items for real money (be that $US, £GBP, €Euros or ¥Yuan), and it is a serious violation of our rules. Some players choose to buy RuneScape gold as they do not wish to spend the time or effort earning it themselves in-game, for whatever reason – the gold-sellers do all of the work for them.

Websites that participate in RWT are not connected with Jagex in any way, and are not permitted to sell our gold or items. We take all necessary legal action against these websites; we may also, at our discretion, ban any account involved for breaking the Real-World Trading rule.

Third Party Software

The use of third-party software is also against our rules; we don't want players to download third-party software from untrusted sources that can, and often do, contain keyloggers, trojans and viruses. Players have had their accounts stolen because they have inadvertently installed hacking software on their computers. Even if the author has good intentions, an unintended flaw in their software could still put a game account at risk. There are also cases of people deliberately writing software that looks like a useful add-on, but is in reality designed only to steal passwords.

The use of third-party software, or macroing, spoils the game for everyone. We don't want some players having an unfair advantage and filling up all the best training spots with bots.

Please also be aware that there is a risk when using third-party websites of a player's computer becoming infected with a virus or keylogger; furthermore, since they have no connection to us, there is no guarantee that a player will even get the gold they pay for.

If you have experienced problems with such a website, you will need to contact the website in question regarding the situation.

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