Paying by phone

If you have under 14 days of subscription credit on your game account, you can pay for a month's subscription by phone in Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Our PayByPhone service provides a PIN number via a premium-rate phone number, which you can redeem for a month's subscription credit on our website. The cost will vary depending on your country. This is not a recurring subscription - we'll charge you only once, for a single month's membership, and you'll need to follow the same steps next month if you'd like to continue your subscription. (You should always go through our website, to make sure you have the right phone number.)

You can use PayByPhone from any telephone line able to make premium calls (including mobile phones, although your network provider may levy an additional charge), but you'll need to wait 15 minutes before redeeming your PIN on our website.

You can add subscription credit to up to three game accounts using the same telephone line.

If you've waited 15 minutes after the end of the phone call, but you're still unable to redeem your PIN, please check:

  • you're redeeming the PIN from the same country from which it was purchased
  • you have no more than three unredeemed PINs linked to the telephone number you are using
  • there are no more than three game accounts currently subscribing by PayByPhone on the telephone number you are using

If you're still unable to redeem your PIN, please contact billing support.