Reporting a Problem

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We operate a chat filter to block offensive chat, but this will not be able to catch every type of rule-breaking. If your child experiences anything in-game that they find offensive, they can report this by clicking on the 'Report Abuse' button on the game screen. They can then type in the offending player or character name and submit the report for Jagex staff to review.

After sending a report, your child will automatically be asked if they wish to add the reported user to their ignore list. By doing so, your child will not hear from the offending account again. Learn more about the ignore system in RuneScape and in FunOrb.

To find out how to report an incident, click here for RuneScape, or click here for FunOrb.

When a player submits an abuse report, our 24-hour Player Support team receives a copy of the conversation between the reporter and the reported, allowing our team to effectively decide what action is required.

We action all abuse reports in line with the rules of our games. Where possible, we aim to educate players as to what they may have done wrong, to ensure that they learn from the experience. Where appropriate we will escalate abuse reports to Law Enforcement agencies.

If you have a major concern regarding a conversation that has taken place within one of our games, we advise you to contact a member of your local law enforcement agency. Please be aware that we cannot divulge any information to you regarding any accounts involved, but will cooperate fully with any law enforcement investigation. All law enforcement agencies should contact us via the below email address:


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