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Billing FAQs

How much does it cost to subscribe?

To find out the price of membership, please see the billing pages for the game.

Who can I buy a subscription for?

Please be aware that you are only allowed to subscribe for your immediate family. This is necessary to help us detect fraud. Ignoring this warning could result in any associated accounts being banned.

If you wish to purchase membership for someone outside of your family, we recommend you give them the money to allow them to directly purchase the membership for their account.

How do I start a RuneScape or FunOrb subscription for my child?

For RuneScape, Visit the RuneScape website, then select 'Upgrade Your Account' to view the full list of membership benefits and subscribe.

For FunOrb, Visit the FunOrb website, then hold your mouse pointer over 'Join' and select 'Subscribe to FunOrb' to make your child into a FunOrb member.

Please be aware that your child will need to be present as they will need to enter their account name and password, and full instructions will be provided during the subscription process.

You can cancel an active RuneScape or FunOrb subscription. Your child will still be able to play our games on a free-to-play basis. If you can't remember the password for the account, recover the account (RuneScape or FunOrb).

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Can my financial details be seen by anyone?

Please rest assured that it is not possible to view any financial details by logging into an account. No information is given out in areas that players can access, nor do our members of staff send out any such information if asked for it.

It is not possible for someone to gain access to your financial records. Jagex does not keep records that could be used for financial gain, as all our billing is done via our third party billing partners.

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Why is my child's account in negative credit?

This happens because of a payment problem. You will need to contact us to resolve this issue. See below to find out how to get in touch.

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What should I do if I am having problems regarding subscription?

Please contact us at:

When contacting us, please provide information on the problem that you are having, the account name that you are referring to, if applicable, and any further information that can help us resolve your query.

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