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When your child visits the FunOrb website, they'll find a variety of free games on offer, from a logic-testing game of chess, to piloting spacecraft, to colourful puzzles. Each of them are deep and massively enjoyable, enticing your child to try them all.

If your child has already signed up for a RuneScape account, they can visit the FunOrb website and log in with their login details to start playing immediately.

Free players can access most game content and collect many of the in-game Achievements. Achievements are awarded to accounts for meeting certain criteria within games (for example, perhaps your child will gain an Achievement for reaching level two of Escape Vector). Free players who collect 42 Achievements will unlock the ability to post on the FunOrb forums.

Members can look forward to experiencing expanded versions of their favourite FunOrb games, and can post on the FunOrb forums regardless of how many Achievements they have collected. The forums are by far the best way for players to discuss the FunOrb games and website, and your child will be welcomed warmly by our team of friendly moderators.

A screenshot of Torquing, one of the FunOrb games

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