In-Game Safety

The three moderator crowns

Our in-game safety measures have been designed to make playing our games an enjoyable and friendly experience for all our players, and the measures are frequently evaluated to make sure that they are as effective as possible.

Chat Settings

Chatting is a major part of any multiplayer game and there are many ways for our players to keep in touch with their friends, organise trading or interact with other players. To increase the community feel, players are able to chat with each other even if they are logged into different games.

Our chat system offers our players a variety of options, allowing them to have complete control over who they talk to in-game:

As well as the ability to type text into our chat box, players can use the Quick Chat system to select words and phrases without having to type them in. You may want to ensure that your child is limited to the Quick Chat phrases, so that they have no way of giving out any personal information to the players that they chat with. Learn more about Quick Chat

If you would prefer your child's account to be restricted to Quick Chat, please contact us.

The in-game chat filter has been designed to prevent players from using potentially offensive terms. This filter is updated regularly to ensure that it provides the best possible protection.

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Jagex Moderators

Jagex Moderators (JMods) are members of staff who work at the Jagex office in one of our various departments. JMods have a gold crown next to their name when they speak in the chat window and they are the only people with 'Mod' before their name, so that our players can identify them. Any user claiming to be a JMod without these prerequisites is being untruthful, most likely in an attempt to steal your child's password.

There is one exception to the crown rule. In War of Legends, JMods will not have a gold crown next to their name in chat, but their name will still begin with 'Mod'. It's worth reminding your child that JMods will never ask for account details such as passwords or recovery questions, so if they are approached for this information, reporting and ignoring the user is the best strategy to take.

JMods can be met in-game to answer players' queries and ensure that everyone is playing fairly; and they keep a close eye on the content of our forums.

Player and Forum Moderators

Our JMod team is supported by hundreds of specially-selected volunteers called Player Moderators and Forum Moderators (PMods and FMods). All PMods and FMods are respected members of our gaming communities, and they are entrusted with the ability to temporarily mute in-game rule-breakers, as well as helping out other players with their enjoyment of our games.

PMods will have a silver crown next to their name in chat, while FMods have their forum posts highlighted in green.

Becoming a Moderator

Player and Forum Moderators are normal players, not employees. They have been hand-picked by Jagex having proved consistently that they have the skills and experience needed to help us monitor fair play and appropriate behaviour.

The best way for a player to maximise their chances of being asked to become a moderator is to continue playing the game in accordance with the rules, sending in only genuine Abuse Reports and being helpful and friendly to other players.

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Moderator Registration

In order for one of our players to become a moderator, they will first need to complete a registration process which provides us with certain details. The information we request will help us to confirm the identity of the individual and also ensure that we hold their relevant contact details.

Jagex will only notify a player about becoming a moderator through their account inbox. Should your child receive a message via any other medium which advises them that they have been chosen to become a moderator, we would advise you to ignore/delete the message as applicable.

The website your child may be asked to visit will not be an official Jagex website and as such we cannot vouch for its security. We would advise you to ensure that your child never visits these sites and only enters their password on Jagex websites.

To find out more about the different types of moderator, see this page for RuneScape, or see this page for FunOrb.

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