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During Friday 30th May until 4pm GMT+1 on Monday 2nd June there will be three 24 hour FLASH SALES! Read more...

Ancient Ruins and Black Dragon merge to create Soaring Eagle!

The merge process of Black Dragon and Ancient Ruins has been completed and the new server “Soaring Eagle” is online and available! Read more...

Server Merge Down-Time: 16th to 19th of May for Ancient Ruins and Black Dragon

Ancient Ruins and Black Dragon will be offline from the 16th to the 19th May for the first server merge! Important information has been posted on forum. Read more...

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Solomon’s Store – Dwarven Challenge Barrels

Grab a barrel, beat it up, and find out how much damage you really do! Read more...

Naming the Snake Boss - The Poll

The snake boss is almost here and a name is yet to be decided. We're running a poll with the top entries from the naming competition and we need your vote! Read more...

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