About Jagex and our games

Jagex are just about the gaming experience.

We produce a range of high-quality computer and video games, including the wildly successful MMORPG RuneScape. In fact, Jagex was set up in December 2001 to run RuneScape and support its technologies.

In February 2008, we also started offering a wide selection of Java-based minigames on our website, and in 2009 we broke into the iPhone game market with our hit platformer, BounceDown.

You can browse and play all our web-based games on jagex.com. With a free registration, you'll be able to store your high scores, unlockable Achievements, and game progress - and with a subscription, you'll also enjoy full-screen ad-free gaming, extra game content and access to certain multiplayer games. In addition, all Jagex subscribers, and free members with over 42 achievements, can use our forums (but read our forum code of conduct first).

All Jagex games (except War of Legends) use the same user database - so by registering on Jagex.com, your username is reserved for use in all our games, including our hit MMO RuneScape. Just log in to play. Subscribe to just the games you love; you'll still be able to enjoy our other games supported by ads.

For more about Jagex, see our press page. Our address is St John's Innovation Centre, Cowley Road, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire CB4 0WS, United Kingdom. We regret that we can't return any items sent to us, nor can we accept billing queries at this address - please email or send a billing query instead.