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Online Support

Our games are available throughout the world, 24 hours a day, so we aim to respond to our players as quickly as possible when they need us. The greatest benefit of having an online support system is the speed with which we can receive and process our players' password requests and offence appeals, as well as other queries.

We aim to provide easy-to-use support systems that are simple enough for players to navigate, but also thorough enough for us to make an informed decision with the information they provide.

Quick Chat

Quick Chat is a security feature used by some of our players that prevents them from accidentally divulging personal information. Quick chat offers players a pre-defined selection of words and phrases, chosen by us, that allow them to converse with others, without being able to give out any personal details. Players that are restricted to Quick Chat are unable to type their own messages to other players.

If your child has been restricted to using Quick Chat, and you would like your child to have access to our full chat features we require you to send us a completed parental consent form. To obtain a copy of the parental consent form, download this pdf file.

You can fax or post the form to us using the contact details provided on the form. Please be aware that we are unable to accept emailed copies of the form.

Please note that the completion and signing of the parental consent form indicates that you understand and accept its contents.

Account Recovery

If your child is having a problem relating to the status of their account, it will need to be resolved via our dedicated customer support channels. We offer comprehensive guides on how to appeal an offence on an account and how to request a new password or recover a stolen account, via the customer support area of our homepages. Further details can be found here for RuneScape and here for FunOrb.


See the Billing section of this guide to find the answer to your subscription questions. Futher information is also available in the customer support areas of our websites - see here for RuneScape and here for FunOrb.

All other billing queries can be directed to , where our specialist billing team will endeavour to help you further.

Law Enforcement

If you have a major concern regarding a conversation that has taken place within our games, we advise you to contact your local law enforcement agency. Please be aware that we cannot divulge any information to you regarding any accounts involved, but will cooperate fully with any law enforcement investigation. All law enforcement agencies should contact us via the below email address:


Serious Concerns

The following links will take you to all available information on a variety of topics. You should be able to find the answer to your query on the relevant page:

We are unable to accept game or website suggestions via email, but our players are welcome to post their ideas on our official forums.

Please note that it is not possible for lost items to be restored to an account, but your child can regain any losses quickly through normal gameplay.

Should you have a serious concern about your child, we can be contacted via email:


Please be aware that this email address is only to be used by parents with serious concerns about the safety of their child.

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