At Jagex, we are dedicated to doing our very best to have as small an impact on the environment as possible. Jagex aims to be a 100% carbon neutral company, by taking all measures possible to reduce our emissions overall and to offset all remaining emissions.

Carbon Management

Jagex aims to have as small a carbon footprint as possible. Reducing energy consumption per head is one clear way. Minimising the use of air travel and use of cars are other ways, but also simply being conscious of the true cost of energy consumption has a positive effect.


As an e-business, Jagex still requires substantial amounts of electrical power. So where Jagex has the ability to choose in the UK - all our electricity is bought from Ecotricity, the clean technologies power company.

Carbon Offsetting

Wherever we have no choice in energy provider (such as at our server locations around the world) we aim to offset all the emissions caused by our power consumption. These funds support projects which promote the use of renewable energy, carbon sequestration and low energy alternative technologies. We also offset the emissions of all business air travel.


Jagex recycles as much of its waste as possible. This includes paper, metal and plastics. It also seeks to use suppliers who produce the products in environmentally sound and sustainable ways and take steps to minimise the amount of waste generated through our daily activities.