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Manage Your Subscription Subscribe - View - Cancel Subscription

If you haven't done so yet, why don't you subscribe to enjoy all the many benefits of a members account?

Start/Extend Subscription

Create a new subscription or extend an existing one.

Account Information

View information on your current subscriptions.

Cancel Subscription

Cancel an existing subscription.

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Account Management Change Password - Appeal Offence - Read Messages - Email Settings

We recommend that you change your password from time to time. If you have received a ban or caused an offence, you can appeal against it (see below). Also, by clicking 'Read Messages' below, you can read correspondence from Jagex.

Change Password

Change your password every few months.

Change Player Name

Change your name shown in games.

Read Messages

Read messages sent to you by Jagex.

change password change player name read messages

Appeal Offence

Appeal an offence/ban made against you.

appeal offence

Email Settings

You are able to register an email address for your Jagex account, allowing you an extra way to prove ownership of your account and receive updates from us. Visit the below links to add an email address, verify your registration code and change your email preferences.

Email Settings

View or change your email preferences. Help

email settings

Account Security Set Questions - Cancel Questions

We strongly recommend that you set your recovery questions as soon as possible. These can be used to recover your account if you forget the password, or if it is hijacked. If you suspect someone has got hold of your password and has changed your recovery questions, you can cancel the pending recovery questions within 14 days (and then change your password).

Set Recovery Questions

Set recovery questions that can be used to recover a lost password or stolen account.

Cancel Recovery Questions

Cancel pending recovery questions.

set questions cancel questions

Account Recovery Recover Account - Track Now

If you have forgotten your password or believe you account has been hijacked, click on the 'Recover Now' button below.

If you have already submitted a recovery attempt, you can track the progress below. Click 'Track Now'.

Recover Account

Recover a forgotten or stolen password here.

Track Recovery

Track an account recovery.

recover now track now