How we moderate in-game chat

Jagex moderators are Jagex staff members based at Jagex's offices in Cambridge, UK. Our in-game names begin with the word 'Mod' and you'll see a gold crown next to our names in the in-game chat window. There aren't as many of us as there are player moderators, but we can help you with a wider range of issues.

Jagex moderators can't apply Achievements to a game account or provide items in-game, so please don't ask.

While we love our own games and play them at home, we don't use our Jagex moderator accounts for pleasure - they can't be used outside the office. We don't give out our personal account names, and nor do we give out our Mod names via our personal accounts. If someone in-game claims to be a Jagex moderator but doesn't have a gold crown next to their name in chat, please report them for staff impersonation.

From time to time, Jagex invites upstanding members of its gaming communities to become player moderators. These moderators, while also ordinary players, have an important role to play in acting as ambassadors of our gaming communities. Player moderators are ordinary players who have been recognised for their ability to answer other players' questions, to promote our game rules and to contribute to the gaming community.

You can recognise a player moderator by the silver crown that appears next to their name in the in-game chat window. Like other players, player moderators play our games primarily for pleasure, but they have kindly volunteered to help other players with questions about game rules or content. Player moderators can't help with account queries, but you should feel welcome to chat to them if you have any questions about the game you're playing.

Player moderators also have a role to play in enforcing Jagex's game rules. For this reason, player moderators' chat is visible even if your chat settings are set to 'off' or 'friends only'. In serious cases, player moderators can mute other players for breaking the game rules, and comprehensive guideslines are provided to complement player moderators' judgement when using this ability.

Player moderators are unpaid volunteers and receive no reward for the kind work they do, so please respect them.

We've had a few queries from players about how to become player moderators. Player moderator status is conferred by invitation only to a very small number of seasoned players, so we'll be in touch via your Jagex message inbox if we think you'd be a real asset to our player moderator community. Please be aware of phishing scams claiming to confer moderator status - we don't use email or third-party websites to invite potential moderators.