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We want our players to enjoy every moment that they spend on our websites and in our games, and we understand that having a secure account is paramount to that enjoyment. We have our own systems and security measures set in place to assist with keeping your child's account secure. It is very important, however, to remember that the person in the strongest position to protect an account is the player themselves.

Your child can make sure their account is always protected by following our security advice.

Our Security Features

To help our players keep their RuneScape and FunOrb accounts safe, we have a number of safeguards that protect their passwords and make the account recovery process faster:

Find out more about account security in RuneScape here or FunOrb here.

Account Recovery

Most offences can be appealed. This gives your child an opportunity to explain the situation surrounding the offence. To find out more about appealing an offence, click here.

Password Requests

We encourage our players to choose a memorable and secure password for their account, and to ensure that they do not reveal it to anyone else.

If a player discloses their password for any reason, someone else could access their account. This could lead to difficulty accessing the account, the loss of in-game currency and items, or even the account becoming liable for any offences that may have occurred.

Players can attempt to retrieve their lost account by submitting a password request form. More detailed advice for RuneScape accounts can be found here, and the equivalent information for FunOrb players can be found here.

The password recovery request form asks users for some basic, essential information about their account. It may be the case that not all the questions are relevant to the account, but those that are should be completed clearly and correctly. The more relevant the information we receive, the better chance we have of determining the true owner of the account.

Additionally, supplying the oldest information possible will show us that the player knows the account from the inside out - so we strongly recommend players commit their account details to memory at the time of creation.

The details we need can include any of the following:

On the form, there is also a space in which to submit any other comments. In this space, you could provide:

In order to track a password request, players are given a unique 'Tracker ID'. Using this ID, you can track the status of the password request.

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Offences and Appeals

If your child breaks one of our rules, they will receive a message in their inbox that explains which rule they have broken, the severity of punishment they will receive and evidence of their misdeed. Depending on the severity of the offence, the punishment may be temporary or permanent. For verbal offences, we may place a time-specific 'mute' on the character. The Offence History page will show your child how close they are to being permanently banned or muted, and this is determined by the number and severity of any offences they may have committed. Comparable to points on a driving licence, good behaviour will allow most offences to be removed from the account after 12 months, whereas any further rule-breaking will result in a harsher penalty.

Most offences can be appealed. This gives your child an opportunity to explain the situation surrounding the offence. Our specially-trained Player Support staff investigate the appeals that are submitted to us, and have access to all the information held about the account on our systems. This information helps us to establish whether the account owner was in control of the account at the time of the offence. When making a decision, we take into account relevant IP and account details to establish whether or not the account was stolen at the time of the offence.

If an account holder claims that their account was stolen during the time that an offence occured, but we find that there is no evidence to support this, the account holder will be deemed responsible for the offence as per our Terms & Conditions.

If an appeal is denied, it is because we are confident that the account owner committed the offence. In many cases, your child will be free to return to the game on the expiry of their mute or ban. If the offence is permanent and the appeal has been denied, the account will never be unbanned. Our decision is final, so please don't send requests for a permanently banned account to be unbanned.

We are happy for banned players to create a fresh account with which to enjoy our games, but we recommend they take the time to read through the game rules before doing so.

Appeal an offence