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8. Miner Disturbance

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Server Maintenance

The Jagex servers will be undergoing planned, extended maintenance today. For the majority of this time, the War of legends game, its forums, and its billing and support systems will be offline. Read more...

Weekend Flash Sales!

Do you need a boost to your legends, a few more soldiers for your armies, or perhaps a few extra resources? Look no further, this weekend there are HUGE price drops on many of the most popular items in the shop! Read more...

Server Lag Improvements

Legends Rejoice! No longer will you be left waiting for the coming of the industrial age to complete that run of Buzhou Mountain. Read more...

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A Shadow over Ashdale

There's something fishy afoot in A Shadow over Ashdale: RuneScape's latest free-to-play quest. Travel to the island and solve a dark mystery. Read more...

The Motherlode Mine!

The winning entry from the Player Designed Content competition is here - it's the Motherlode Mine, designed by Runite Minor. Read more...

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