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Website Developer

What did you do before joining Jagex?

After I finished uni I did a lot of travelling which was great fun. However I always tried to get some work done on little projects no matter where I was in the world. After I got home I wanted to use all the skills I had learnt over the past few years in a professional environment, so I applied to work back at Jagex, where I had already had a great year as a placement student.

How did you first hear about Jagex and the job opening?

I had previously worked for Jagex as a university placement and had so much fun that I always kept in contact with people at the company. After I had finished with my travelling after uni I took a look at what opportunities were available and applied from there.

What's your current role at Jagex and how long have you been with the company?

I am currently working in the Website Development team, so we build all the websites for the company, such as the one you're on now :) I have been in this role for about 8 months, before this I worked in Player Support for 6 months.

What comprises a typical working day for you?

Normally we start the day with catch up meetings to see what everyone in the team is getting up to and what they plan on doing in the day. Then after that I could be doing anything from getting stuck in to Photoshop getting images ready to be uploaded, building up pages with HTML and CSS, meeting up with colleagues to discuss new features or go over the current project. No day is ever the same!

What do you like best about working for Jagex?

For me it’s all about the people. I am surrounded by a really talented team that I have learnt so much from since I joined last year. Then there are all the friends I have made through different projects, sports teams or company parties. Department jollies, epic parties and free gym is not a bad bonus either :)

What is your favourite perk or benefit at Jagex?

I do enjoy the fresh fruit every day, especially since I don't always eat very well at home :) But Jagex sports teams are probably my favourite perk as it gets me running around and is also an awesome social scene.

What has been your favourite memory to date of working at Jagex?

Probably when we launched the new RuneScape website. It was such a massive project and also my first on the Web Dev team. I think it looks amazing and the feedback we got from the community was really positive which made all the late nights worth it.

What makes Jagex different?

I've never worked in a place before where I knew so many people from nearly every part of the business. Everyone is so friendly, whether they’re on your team, or work in a completely different department, I love walking around the office and saying hello to nearly everyone I pass!

Finally, what would be your one piece of advice for someone interested in your role?

Just like anything, hard work and getting experience any way you can will always help :)