We Are Jagex

Phil Mansell

Chief Executive Officer

In my own words:

This year I reached 20 years working in the games industry. I’ve been a game-making enthusiast from an early age… starting by programming simple games on my ZX Spectrum +2 and selling them to friends at school, and I got my first industry job at the famous Bullfrog Productions after being recognised for mods and levels created for the original Quake. I’ve had roles in game design and production management at companies like Electronic Arts, Gameloft, PlayStation and Climax before starting at Jagex as a Lead Designer in 2011. At Jagex I joined RuneScape and led the team as Executive Producer from 2012-2014 and then as VP Studios from 2014-2016. In early 2017 I was appointed CEO to lead the company in the new Third Age of Jagex with its vision to be the Home of Living Games. I remain an active high-level RuneScape player, I’m a big fan of MMOs and RPGs across all platforms. Outside of games I enjoys cycling and MMA (spectating only!).

Jagex is driven by a team of more than 360 passionate people headquartered in Cambridge, UK

Brenda Chambers

Chief Operating Officer

In my own words:

I have more than 30 years’ experience working for enterprise organisations delivering IT Services and helping organisations transform their business. My results driven focus ensures that strategic and operational plans are achieved while delivering excellent customer satisfaction. I enjoy working with multi-disciplined diverse teams that collaborate to achieve a common goal. I am new to the games industry and excited about applying my knowledge and experience at Jagex to drive growth and realise the Jagex vision to be the home of living games.