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Jagex Partners is the go-to publisher for developers who share our vision of creating deep, lasting and content-rich community-driven games. Our dedicated teams of industry veterans and emerging talent leverage the skills and experience learned over two decades of creating, nurturing, and sustaining the RuneScape franchise to bring your game to players around the world. We have a unique and detailed understanding of how players interact with a game over a sustained period of time and we are armed with the knowledge to provide long-term game publishing and product management to our development partners.

What do our Partners Say?

We already work with fantastic partners. Here's what they say about us...

Michal Szustak, CEO, Flying Wild Hog: "Jagex Partners completely understands independent development, the resources and best practice in building and maintaining a live game service, and crucially how to delight and engage players."

Paul Froggatt, Technical Director and Co-Founder, Outlier Games: "The scale of support that we’ve been able to draw on has really impressed us, not just in terms of the specialised skill sets that the teams at Jagex bring to the table, but how much their support has allowed us to plan for the future of both This Means Warp and Outlier Games as a company."

Brendan Malcolm, Founder, Games by Malcs: "The support that Jagex has been able to provide with creative services and localisation in particular has been instrumental in helping us complete our vision for the game - making it available to the widest possible global audience."

Marketing Services
Analytics & Data Science
Monetisation Design
User acquisition
Community engagement
Billing systems
Player Support
Account Management
Distribution & Hosting

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We're looking for developers of community-driven games; studios that share a unified vision of how to make titles that stay the distance and engage players for the long term. You can find out about some of our existing partners below, but if you think we can help you get your passion project to market we'd love to hear from you.

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To watch this video

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Use this form to register interest in commercial opportunities using Jagex’s Intellectual Property (IP), including RuneScape, Old School RuneScape and other licensed products, games or assets. Further information regarding usage of Jagex’s IP can be found on our Terms & Conditions page. For personal creative or limited commercial projects, please review the Fan Content Policy

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