The home of your Living Game

With 21 years’ experience successfully running RuneScape and generating more than $1billion in revenue, Jagex has the heritage and experience to be the right publishing partner for your living game. We have assembled a team with deep industry knowledge and that knows how to get the very best from evergreen design, community engagement and long-tail commercial opportunities. Coupled with our infrastructure, investment in processes and systems, and our developer-friendly, agile and accessible platform we believe in the importance of a shared vision for your game, and we’re looking for long-term, meaningful partnerships with living games developers.

Marketing Strategy

Our team has decades of experience in marketing strategy for RuneScape, as well as a host of other huge live game franchises. We work with developers to create the right go-to-market plan, to define measurement criteria, to build the right framework, to create the right messaging, and crucially to evaluate the market and audience opportunity.

User Acquisition

Driving new players to your game and keeping them playing is critical to success. Our extensive experience means that we know how to drive best-in-class paid marketing campaigns. Our flexibility allows us to optimise, track, attribute, and re-target quickly for the best possible results on desktop and mobile.

Community Engagement

Players are the lifeblood of your game. Our award-winning team work with you to find and build your community wherever they are in the world, and then keep them engaged within the game and outside of the game on relevant social channels, forums, and events, turning players into your greatest advocates. More than that, we are experts in providing two-way community engagement so your players can help inform game design and content decisions.

Monetisation Design

To maximise the long-term commercial opportunity of your game, we work with partners to create in-depth plans around microtransactions, subscriptions, and catalogue and storefront management. We evaluate every element of your game, advising on the correct business model, the content plan required to support it, and the best ways to create a thriving in-game economy.

Analytics & Data Science

Understanding player behaviour and analysing it effectively is at the core of informed decision making for live game services. Our suite of tools is available to all our development partners. Real-time dashboards built with industry-leading technology measure revenue, engagement, player behaviour, and every element vital for running a long-term live game service.

Empowering Partners

“With RuneScape becoming a $1 billion franchise, Jagex has proven its credentials as a best-in-class living games publisher, running robust live game services at scale, all while nurturing and growing player communities. Jagex is in a position of strength and prosperity and we feel it’s the right time to share that expertise and support other developers in bringing their games to market, assisting them to build and sustain strong communities and evolve their live games into living games.”
Phil Mansell, CEO, Jagex

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