We Are Community Driven

From Live To Living

For more than 21 years, we’ve been leading the charge in running deep, community-driven live games and, as those games have grown in size, content and popularity, our communities are more active than ever.

We believe that everything that makes up this lasting bond between players and the games they love, be it in or outside of the game, has gone beyond the regular expectations of a live game to something we call living games.

Living games take a progressive approach, upping the ante in live game services to the benefit of its players.

Here are the five big things that define a deep, community-driven living game.

Evergreen Design

A living game has an evergreen design philosophy at its heart. This means crafting the game to stand the test of time, to be expandable without becoming overwhelming or dull. This isn’t just a design consideration during a game’s initial creation, it means careful curation as the game grows and evolves over many years.

Empowering Players

A living game empowers its players to have a real voice in its future, so they have a say in how it is shaped and run. For us, the relationship between our players and our teams is key; whether it’s on social channels or in live-streamed shows – it’s about sharing design docs and concept art, pitching content and feature ideas to players, getting their input through polls and surveys, and collaborating together.

Alive and Evolving Worlds

A living game delivers a world that feels truly alive – creating a place that’s active, vibrant, and where there’s always something going-on. It’s about keeping the game fresh, updating it frequently, delivering new content and experiences, to create an exciting and sometimes unpredictable place for players to be.

Meaningfully Social

A living game has truly meaningful social features that enable players to connect with each other through shared experiences. It’s not just about social systems - it’s how they’re used, such as when players get to co-exist, collaborate, compete and face deadly perils or just chill out together. It’s through this commonality that leads players to build friendships, rivalries, and a sense of community spirit.

Out-of-Game Experiences

Finally, living games go beyond the game screen with experiences and content for players to interact with on social channels, the wider internet, and ultimately in real life. Our living games support and encourage the most enthusiastic of fans, whether that's offering tools for content creators, or organising real-life events for players and game makers to come together – such as at our fan convention, RuneFest. Taking the experience out of the game means a hobby can become a lifestyle.

The Result

At Jagex, we want to give our players the most fulfilling and engrossing gaming experiences possible. We believe that deep, persistent, and social games can be the most satisfying and fulfilling games of all and, by following our living game principles, our games communities are bigger and more active than ever.

We take these principles and apply them across everything we do to further evolve our existing deep, community-driven games, our new titles in development, and the games from other developers we publish. We are delivering the next level of immersion and connection between players, content creators, and the games themselves.