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Jagex is supporting #RaisetheGame, a collaborative and high-impact pledge to improve diversity and inclusion across the games industry.

More than 2.5billion people – of all ages, of all backgrounds, all around the world – play video games and, as the gaming community continues to grow, it’s become increasingly diverse.

As a founding partner for #RaiseTheGame, Jagex is one of many games companies that has committed to drive meaningful cultural changes to create a more diverse and inclusive games industry.

By supporting #RaiseTheGame, we join with other games studios that have pledged to champion diversity by demonstrating change or activity in one of the three pledge pillars by:

  1. Creating a diverse workforce by recruiting as fairly and as widely as possible
  2. Shaping inclusive and welcoming places to work, by educating and inspiring people to take more personal responsibility for fostering and promoting diversity and inclusion
  3. Reflecting greater diversity within games at every level from game design and development through to marketing and community engagement.

At Jagex, we believe that higher levels of diversity and inclusivity has a positive impact on both our working culture and the games we make. You can find out more about #RaiseTheGame here: