We Are Community Driven

We Make Forever Games

Jagex is a thriving international games company with a growing stable of forever game IPs for core gamers. We have such huge expertise at running games for the long term that we re-define expectations for what evergreen success looks like.

Empowering Our Communities

We create spaces for our players to come together – with each other and to have a real influence on the game’s evolution. We help our players belong. Our community experiences give players a greater stake in what they’re playing, creating loyal forever fans.

Forever Games for Core Gamers

These strengths inform the vision of our studio as a thriving international games company with a growing library of forever game IPs for core gamers. This in turn drives our mission: We create forever fans by empowering our community.

Inside And Outside Of Game Worlds

We give players experiences worthy of their long-term time investment and actively collaborate with them to shape the games and the community for the better. From our corporate and social responsibility support for our fans and by our teams, or large-scale real-world events; every element of our interaction empowers our community.

Meaningfully Social

A living game has truly meaningful social features that enable players to connect with each other through shared experiences. It’s not just about social systems - it’s how they’re used, such as when players get to co-exist, collaborate, compete and face deadly perils or just chill out together. It’s through this commonality that leads players to build friendships, rivalries, and a sense of community spirit.

Out-of-Game Experiences

Finally, living games go beyond the game screen with experiences and content for players to interact with on social channels, the wider internet, and ultimately in real life. Our living games support and encourage the most enthusiastic of fans, whether that's offering tools for content creators, or organising real-life events for players and game makers to come together – such as at our fan convention, RuneFest. Taking the experience out of the game means a hobby can become a lifestyle.

The Result

At Jagex, we want to give our players the most fulfilling and engrossing gaming experiences possible. We believe that deep, persistent, and social games can be the most satisfying and fulfilling games of all and, by following our living game principles, our games communities are bigger and more active than ever.

We take these principles and apply them across everything we do to further evolve our existing deep, community-driven games, our new titles in development, and the games from other developers we publish. We are delivering the next level of immersion and connection between players, content creators, and the games themselves.