Gender Pay Gap Report 2016-2017


Jagex recognises the importance of a diverse workforce that reflects our player base of millions around the world and we are passionate about ensuring fairness and equality in the workplace.

There is always more to do and we accept that we have a gender pay gap of 21.7%, which is slightly above the UK national average of 18.4% (Government Equalities Office, 2016). However, this is not due to a pay equality issue, but as with the wider games industry, we have a lack of female representation in some disciplines across the studio, including leadership and STEM roles (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).

How we will make a difference:

We believe we have a joint responsibility with our industry peers, to encourage and attract more women into the gaming community, both as consumers, and employees so that in time we can address the imbalance in the gaming talent pool.

To this end we are exploring how we can attract more female representation via other pathways, for instance extending our reach to schools in the community and through a graduate scheme.

In addition to addressing the imbalance in the external talent pool, internally we have a number of initiatives aimed at reducing our gender gap, such as:

Improving parental benefits:

  • In January 2018 we extended our paid paternity leave to 4 weeks and maternity leave to 20 weeks, both at full pay

Providing flexible working conditions:

  • In January 2018 we introduced flexible working hours, with flexible start and finish times between 7.30am -10am and finishing time between 4.00pm - 7pm
  • Remote working is also increasingly being made available to our workforce


  • Extending our reach beyond the games industry, looking to attract applicants from wider industry to increase the number of female candidates
  • Ensuring we continue to adopt a process of equality in shortlisting applicants


  • Continue to ensure we have a process that allows the same career progression opportunities for men and women, with the aim to having an increasing number of female role models

In Summary we welcome the focus on this topic and more broadly believe every employee is entitled to an inclusive working environment that promotes dignity and respect to all, one in which all employees are treated fairly and equally.