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$250,000 Raised for Jagex Charity Partners

Wednesday, 10th June (2pm UK) -- Jagex, alongside players of its iconic living games RuneScape and Old School RuneScape, have together donated a total of £204,000 ($250,000) to Jagex’s three official charity partners. Phil Mansell, Jagex CEO, announced the total in a video released today thanking players for the support they have provided to mental health charities CPSL Mind, The Prince’s Trust, and Rise Above the Disorder.

In April, Jagex donated £100,000 to its charity partners to support the services they offer during the pandemic. Now an in-game charity event, held in RuneScape during Mental Health Awareness Week, combined with the donation of proceeds from Solomon's General Store over the course of that week, has raised a further £104,000 for the charities.

The £204,000 total is being shared equally between Jagex’s partnered charities with each receiving a donation of £68,000 to help fund their services.

Phil Mansell, Jagex CEO, said:

“It’s amazing and humbling to see RuneScape players being as supportive of our mental health charity partners as everyone at Jagex is. The work of CPSL Mind, The Prince’s Trust and Rise Above the Disorder is more important than ever right now and all three need all the support they can get to help people through these testing times and champion better mental health. The combined £204,000 total from the £104,000 raised by players during the Mental Health Awareness Week in-game event on top of Jagex’s original £100,000 donation, will make a big difference in enabling them to help others during this time.”

For anyone looking for mental health advice, Jagex and CPSL Mind has published an article called Wellbeing During Isolation that provides links to information and resources. For more information on Jagex’s mental health charity partners, please visit

In addition to its mental health charity partners, Jagex has also donated £60,000 to the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, a UK charity committed to social inclusion, community cohesion and the alleviation of poverty, in support of Black Lives Matter. It is also matching employee charitable donations to organisations committed to advancing the opportunities for ethnic minorities, and those involved in fighting racial prejudice.


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