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If you are interested in working for Jagex see our jobs section.

Government Agency

If you are a governmental Law Enforcement agency in need of further assistance then please use:

Please be aware that this address is to be used ONLY if you are a bona fide law enforcement officer and are able to provide proof of your identity.

This email is not to be used to contact us regarding any other issue. If you choose to use this email address to contact us, but you are unable to provide us with proof as to your identity, we will be unable to respond to your email.

EU Digital Services Act

If you are an EU user or authority and wish to contact Jagex regarding regulatory compliance with the Digital Services Act, please contact

If you are an EU individual or entity and wish to report illegal content, please use this form

Gamepires d.o.o. is the appointed legal representative of Jagex Limited for the purpose of Article 13 of the Digital Services Act.


For any billing related issues, please visit the payment support area of the game your purchase was made for.

Marketing Preferences

You can manage the marketing preferences for your account here.

Player Support

If you require support with a payment, account or technical issue, please head to the relevant Support Centre. To ensure the right team can help you as quickly as possible, we can only respond when a request is made via the correct Support Centre.


For domain queries contact:

Licensing / Fan Content Policy

To register an interest in commercial opportunities for using Jagex’s intellectual property outside the scope of the Fan Content Policy, please use this form. Please note that we will generally only consider commercial licenses for larger scale commercial opportunities, brand partnerships or something we feel benefits the community. If you are a content creator, you can apply for an Avatar licence using this form. For queries regarding licensing of Jagex intellectual property, including queries relating to the Fan Content Policy or Avatar licensing, contact