1. The prize draw, competition or other promotion (the “Promotion”) referring to these terms and conditions (“Terms”) is operated by Jagex Limited of 220 Cambridge Science Park, Cambridge, England, CB4 0WA (“Jagex”, “us”, or “we”). These Terms govern the legal relationship between Jagex and you (referred to in these Terms as “you”, or “entrant”) in relation to the Promotion.
    2. Please read these Terms carefully, and in particular paragraphs 6.2, 10.1 and 10.2 regarding how we will handle your personal data in relation to Promotion.
    3. All information relating to the entry requirements for the Promotion (“Promotion Details”) set out on any Jagex website (including but not limited to, and, social media channels, digital platforms, games or apps or otherwise published in any of our newsletters (“Jagex Channels”) form part of these Terms. In the event of any discrepancy or conflict between the Promotion Details and these Terms, the Promotion Details will prevail.
    4. Discord, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter (X), and Instagram (or any other social media site) do not endorse or sponsor any prize draw, promotion or competition organised by Jagex (including the Promotion) and we are not affiliated with of these platforms or any other social media site in any way.
    1. In order to enter the Promotion, you must follow the instructions set out in the Promotion Details on the Jagex Channels (including providing any required information).
    2. The opening time(s) and date(s) (“Opening Date/Time”) and closing time(s) and date(s) (“Closing Date/Time”) for the Promotion are set out in the Promotion Details on the Jagex Channels.
    3. All entries must be received by Jagex by no later than the relevant Closing Date/Time. All entries received by us after the relevant Closing Date/Time (whether or not they were sent before) will be void and will not be entered into the Promotion.
    4. No purchase is necessary to enter the Promotion and there is no charge to register for use of a Jagex Channel.
    5. Jagex will not accept:
      1. responsibility for entries that are lost, mislaid, damaged, or delayed in transit, regardless of cause, including, for example, as a result of any postal failure, equipment failure, technical malfunction, systems, satellite, network, server, computer hardware or software failure of any kind; or
      2. proof of posting or transmission as proof of receipt of entry to the Promotion.
    6. There is a limit of one entry per entry route to the Promotion per person. Entries on behalf of another person will not be accepted and joint submissions are not allowed.
    7. By submitting your entry, you confirm that you have read and understood these Terms and the Promotion Details and agree to be bound by them.
    8. For help with entries, please contact
    1. The following details of the prizes for the Promotion can be found in the Promotion Details on the Jagex Channels:
      1. The nature of prizes available to be won;
      2. The number of prizes available to be won; and
      3. The name and address of any third party supplier of the prizes (“Supplier”).
    2. Prizes are subject to availability. We reserve the right, including where required to by circumstances beyond our control, to substitute the prize with a reasonably equivalent prize or one of greater value (including, for example, a cash alternative).
    3. The winner is responsible for any costs or expenses involved in claiming or using the prize other than those that are expressly stated above as being included as part of the prize.
    4. The prize may be subject to additional terms imposed by the Supplier or other organisation connected to the Promotion.
    5. The prize is not negotiable or transferable.
    6. The prize is for the named winners only and cannot be given or transferred to any other person.
    1. To enter the Promotion, you must be a legal resident within the Promotion Jurisdiction as set out in the Promotion Details (the “Promotion Jurisdiction”) and be aged 18 years or over at the time of entry.
    2. The following persons are not eligible to enter:
      1. our employees or workers, or the employees or workers of any of our holding or subsidiary companies;
      2. employees or workers of any organisation involved in the operation or administration of the Promotion including prize suppliers and advertising agencies; or
      3. members of the immediate families or households of paragraphs 4.2.1 and 4.2.2 above.
    3. If you are based outside of the Promotion Jurisdiction and/or your jurisdiction has legal or regulatory rules that invalidate or render unenforceable these Terms or the Promotion Details and/or make Jagex’s performance of them impossible, Jagex will not accept your entry and you will be deemed to have been automatically disqualified from the Promotion.
    4. In entering the Promotion, you confirm that you are eligible to do so and eligible to claim any prize you may win.
    5. We may ask for proof of age, residence, or eligibility. Delay or failure to provide the evidence to our reasonable satisfaction may result in an entry being void or a prize being forfeited.
    6. Our decision as to whether an entrant (or their entry) is eligible for the Promotion is final and we are not obliged to provide any reasons for disqualification.
    7. Entries will be void if they are:
      1. automatically generated by a computer;
      2. completed by third parties or in bulk;
      3. illegible, have been altered, reconstructed, forged or tampered with;
      4. photocopies and not originals;
      5. incomplete; or
      6. do not comply with these Terms.
    8. Jagex reserves all rights to disqualify you if your conduct is contrary to the spirit or intention of the Promotion.
    9. Entries cannot be returned.
      1. The terms of this paragraph 5.1 apply to Promotions which are prize draws and/or do not require skill (for example, prizes for participating in Jagex surveys or player research).
      2. All valid entries received by Jagex before the relevant Closing Date/Time will be eligible for the prize draw process ("Prize Draw Pool").
      3. No fee is required to enter the Prize Draw Pool.
      4. Unless otherwise specified by Jagex in writing, the winner of the Promotion will be randomly selected from the Prize Draw Pool within 7 days following the relevant Closing Date/Time by way of a random algorithm or tool (for example, a script in Microsoft Excel).
      5. Details verifying the randomised selection from the Prize Draw Pool will be provided on request in accordance with these Terms.
    2. JUDGES
      1. The terms of this paragraph 5.2 apply to Promotions which are judged and require skill (for example, a Jagex quiz or puzzle).
      2. The winner of the Promotion will be the entry chosen by: an independent judge or a panel of judges including one independent member as soon as possible after the relevant Closing Date/Time.
      3. The judges will decide based on the criteria applicable to the type of Promotion, this may be (i) the greatest number of correct answers in an entry (ii) the most apt and original entry, (iii) the most creative content submitted in an entry and/or (iv) such other criteria as may be set out in the Promotion Details.
      4. The decision of the judges (acting reasonably) will be final and no correspondence or discussion will be entered into.
      5. A list of names of the judges can be viewed on the relevant Jagex Channels or requested by emailing or by writing to us at: Competitions Team, 220 Cambridge Science Park, Cambridge, England, CB4 0WA.
      1. The terms of this paragraph 5.3 apply to Promotions in Jagex games (for example, leagues or tournaments).
      2. In entering the Promotion, you acknowledge and agree that:
        1. Jagex reserves the right to make changes of any kind whatsoever to the relevant Jagex game (whether as an update, patch or hotfix and whether during the Promotion or otherwise);
        2. such changes may impact the user experience within the relevant Jagex game during the Promotion; and
        3. such changes will be deemed to not impact the fairness or outcome of the Promotion (unless Jagex in its reasonable discretion determines otherwise).
      3. The winner(s) of the Promotion will be determined in accordance with the criteria set out in the Promotion Details.
    1. We will notify the winner(s) as soon as practicable after the announcement date(s) set out in the Promotion Details (“Announcement Date”) using the contact details provided in the entry. Jagex will not amend any contact information once the entry form has been submitted.
    2. To comply with its regulatory obligations, Jagex must either publish or make available information that indicates that a valid award took place. To comply with this obligation Jagex:
      1. may publish the username, country and/or county of prize winners (and if applicable, their winning entries) on a Jagex Channel on the relevant Announcement Date; and/or
      2. shall provide the surname, country and/or county of prize winners to a regulator if required by applicable laws.
    3. Jagex will not publish winners’ details where doing so would breach applicable data protection laws.
    4. Reasonable efforts will be made to make contact with the winner(s) following the Announcement Date over the time period set out in the Promotion Details. If it has not been possible to contact the winner in that time, the prize will be forfeited and awarded to the next eligible entrant.
    5. Once contacted, the entrant must follow the instructions to claim the prize set out in the contact from Jagex or as otherwise set out in the Promotion Details.
    1. If you are the winner of the prize, you will have until the final claim date (as set out in the Promotion Details) to claim the prize by following the instructions set out in paragraph 6.5. If you do not claim the prize by this date, your claim to the prize will become invalid.
    2. The prize may not be claimed by a third party on your behalf.
    3. We do not accept any responsibility if you are not able to take up the prize.
    4. Where the prize is capable of physical delivery, the winner will receive it on or before final delivery date (as set out in the Promotion Details) at the address provided in the entry.
    5. We are not liable for any damage or loss to a prize caused by a third party. If a prize is damaged or fails to be delivered, we have no obligation to provide a replacement prize.
    1. Insofar as is permitted by law, Jagex, its agents or distributors will not in any circumstances be responsible or liable to compensate the winner or accept any liability for any loss, damage, personal injury or death occurring as a result of taking up the prize or which are caused by a third party except where it is caused by the negligence of Jagex or its employees. Your statutory rights are not affected.
    1. All entries and any accompanying material submitted to Jagex will become the property of Jagex on receipt and will not be returned.
    2. If your entry contains photographs or video images of people, you must ensure that you inform them that you intend to use the material for the purposes of the Promotion and obtain their consent.
    3. We may ask you for evidence of any such consent and reserve the right to disqualify your entry if you are unable to provide it or if we have doubts about its adequacy.
    1. We will use your personal information only in accordance with these Terms and our privacy policy, available here: See also paragraph 6.2, with regard to the announcement of winners.
    2. Entrants who do not want their details included on the list of winners (referred to in paragraph 6.2.1) being published or made available must notify us within a reasonable period of time before the relevant Closing Date/Time by emailing or writing to: Competitions Team, Jagex Limited, 220 Cambridge Science Park, Cambridge, England, CB4 0WA. In such circumstances, Jagex must still provide the relevant information and winning entry to the Advertising Standards Authority on request. Please see our privacy policy for further information regarding this at
    3. The winner of the Promotion may be asked to participate in publicity.
    1. If you want to contact us about the Promotion or if you have a complaint, you can reach us by emailing or by writing to us at: Competitions Team, 220 Cambridge Science Park, Cambridge, England, CB4 0WA.
    2. The laws of England and Wales apply to these Terms, although if you are a resident elsewhere you will retain the benefit of any mandatory protections given to you by the law of that country.
    3. Any disputes will be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.
    1. If you have any difficulty accessing or entering the Promotion, please contact us at or by writing to us at: Competitions Team, 220 Cambridge Science Park, Cambridge, England, CB4 0WA.
    1. If there is any reason to believe that there has been a breach of these Terms by you, Jagex may, at its sole discretion, reserve the right to exclude you from participating in the Promotion.
    2. Jagex reserves the right to hold void, suspend, cancel, or amend the Promotion where it becomes necessary to do so, including:
      1. for reasons outside of its control, including if any law or regulation is inconsistent with these terms or where any law or regulation makes Jagex’s performance of these terms impossible, unlawful, illegal, unenforceable or unethical; or
      2. where any other unforeseen or unexpected event that cannot be reasonably anticipated or controlled, affects the fairness and/or integrity of the Promotion (including, without limitation, in the case of anticipated, suspected or actual fraud, cheating, any computer virus, bug, or any catastrophic event).